Feb 10 1:30 PM | Hayahuasca Vision Quests: Seeing Our Future

When: Sunday, February 10, 2019 – 1:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Price: $10.00 /per person. For tickets click HERE.

Spiritual Transformative Experiences (STE) come to us in many forms. A near death experience.  An ET abduction. A UFO contact. An out-of-body astral projection. And also, a Vision Quest. Each STE allows us to transcend and break free of regular conscious life. An STE allows us to see the future and other hidden realities of life. Here, hayahuasca is a STE enabling plant-herb that gives us a vision quest. Hayahuasca visions give us truthful clues and images of our life and our future. Mr. Greg Caton is an expert on hayahuasca. Caton achieves this expertise as he lives and works in Ecuador. In Ecuador hayahuasca is deemed legal as are many other herbs. Caton is a writer and author and has many published books on various subjects. His book, ‘The Gospel of 2012 According to Hayahuasca’, tells of our future world. Please join us and learn about the broad and extensive hayahuasca vision quests of our future. Mr. Greg Caton will present to us in real time from Ecuador via Skype his years of visions. We’ll see Caton on the big screen where we can ask questions and learn the real deal about our future.

Suggested minimum donation: $10. Get tickets HERE.
Open to the Public. Sponsored by Paranormal Talks

Speaker, Mr. Greg Caton, Medical Herbalist, Inventor, Businessman, Author, Educator

Mr. Greg Caton is an American author, medical health herbalist, inventor, manufacturer and Founder of Alpha Omega Labs and HerbHealers.com. His journey through the U.S. criminal justice system was the inspiration for his latest 2018 book, ‘The Joys of Psychopathocracy’. In addition, his extensive research and fact finding of historical and hidden medical information resulted in a documented free online work, Meditopia (meditopia.org). His U.S. criminal justice case, initiated as a result of Labs selling a cancer cure, was brought to international attention in 2009 when he was illegally kidnapped by the FBI, the U.S. Marshalls office, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agents while already legally living with his family and running his business in Ecuador, South America. Then amazingly thereafter, Mr. Caton’s photo appeared alongside Osama bin Laden on the cover of the February, 2009 Parade Magazine as one of the “World’s Most Wanted”. In addition Mr. Caton was placed on the United Nations Interpol Red List for criminal charges which were subsequently shown to be false consisting of no evidence but only accusations. Today, Mr. Caton continues as the co‐founder and owner of Alpha Omega Labs (herbhealers.com) and lives outside the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, with his wife, Cathryn, and son. More complete information on his work can be found at: www.gregcaton.com

Meeting at Greenwood City Hall community room.
City of Greenwood Village City Hall
6060 S. Quebec Street
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
…just off I-25 and Orchard Road

Feel free to call/text with any questions. See ‘ya and take care. JJ 720-203-6354.