Mar 10 1:30 PM | Reincarnation, Karma and Transformation: A Deeper Perspective

When: Sunday, March 10, 2019 – 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Donation: $10.00 /per person. For tickets click HERE.

Explore what it is like accessing a much deeper place of awareness of your world and life rather than from just your limited thinking conscious mind. Get familiar with the new term ‘non-dualistic’ awareness; the witness within yourself…your soul awareness. Imagine freeing yourself from beliefs you have about yourself such a ‘value/lack of value’, the internal ‘critic’. Experience a deep peace and love within yourself and all of life. Experience that within this awareness it further deepens the meaning of purpose of past lives and karma.

During this meeting Robert Blond will give an Edgar Cayce Style past life reading demonstration for someone in attendance. Know that accessing this information is ‘normal’. Know that this type of reading comes from the very accessible ‘Universal Sub-conscious Mind’. This is a cutting edge talk helping you to expand and understand the access and control you have over your life.

Donation $10. Get your tickets HERE.
Open to the Public. Sponsored by Paranormal Talks.

Speaker, Mr.Robert Blond

Robert Blond is a psychotherapist. In addition Mr. Blond is a Master Teacher in Self-Awareness, Mysticism and Metaphysical. Since 1979, Mr. Blond has delivered over 14,000 Edgar Cayce Style Past Life and Health Readings. He has conducted Edgar Cayce style Past Life Crossings, and, Past Life Flow Readings since 1977. These readings have dramatically and positively changed and improved people’s lives by giving them insights as to their ‘karmic’ patterns and their belief systems that ‘get in the way’ of ‘seeing’ their deeper vision in life. Mr. Blond offers past life and health readings in person in Lakewood, and via phone and Skype as well as at Metaphysical Fairs.

Mr. Blond was born in Denver, Colorado in 1949. As with all Divine Beings, as a small child, he had a certain awareness of who he was. Blond remembers having a ‘magical’ playmate for quite awhile, until his ‘magical’ playmate finally went away; the process of societal conditioning had begun. He was also brought up in the Church of Christ. Blond was taught God lived somewhere up in the sky and was quite big and very judgmental. He really enjoyed life in so many ways, playing with his friends, but life seemed somewhat strange to him when he would hear at times, that he might go to Hell if he was not more obedient in some way. As a result it just did not make sense to him to have this Being that created all that is, to be more like a grouchy uncle or something.

See his website at: and contact Mr. Blond at email–

Meeting Format
*Opening, Intro’s, Announcements
*Intro Speaker
*Speaker Delivers Talk
*Head over to MadGreens Restaurant for more chat.
Corner of Arapaho Rd. & Quebec St., Englewood, CO

Meeting at Greenwood City Hall community room.
City of Greenwood Village City Hall
6060 S. Quebec Street
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
…just off I-25 and Orchard Road

After the meeting: We meet in the St. Anthony cafe just around the corner down the hall from Community Room C. Join us and let us hear your thoughts.

Feel free to call/text with any questions. See ‘ya and take care. JJ 720-203-6354.