Colorado Jural Assembly


You have a chance to support a worthy cause.

To support your 4th and 5th Branch of governance, any donations are welcome. Donations help defray the costs and expenses in establishing the Website, your state’s Colorado Jural Assembly, your County assemblies, and, your state and county Meetup site. Both are your 4th and 5th Branches of Government of, for, and by the People on the Land of Colorado. Email/Call/text us and let’s talk at!

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For reference:

The Constitution Amendments authorize two Branches–

  1. County Committee of Safety (CoS) Assembly- Amendment I
  2. State Jural Assembly- Amendment VII

The Constitution Articles authorize the three Branches–

  1. Legislative Branch- Article 1
  2. Executive Branch- Article 2 
  3. Judicial Branch- Article 3

Email/Call/text us and let’s talk at LandLine 720-283-3110!