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Colorado Jural Assembly

About Us

We educate, analyze, discuss, and implement with passion.

We the People on the Land of Colorado make up the common law court Colorado Jural Assembly (CJA). The CJA establishes our constitutional common law 4th Branch of Government. Our Founding Fathers gave us a de-jure Republican Form of Self-governance, of, for, and by the People under the authority of our Creator, almighty God via the Constitution. And we forgot this fact. We, a People on the Land, claim our inherent God-given Rights based upon Biblical and Constitutional Principles. We intend to restore and return to a de-jure Form of Self-governance for the People on Colorado, where inherent Rights are acknowledged and protected.

Freedom is not free. Freedom requires vigilantes and engagement. Hence, we strive to maintain a free and Independent Nation-state to the status proclaimed by the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the original 1787 Constitution for the United States of America, and, the Bill of Rights as amended 1791. We support the Principles of: “Do No Harm” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself and God above all things.” Read further.

For structural clarity-

The Constitution Articles authorize three Branches:
Legislative Branch- Article 1
Executive Branch- Article 2
Judicial Branch- Article 3

The Constitution Amendments authorize two Branches:
County Committee of Safety (CoS) Assemblies- Amendment I
State Jural Assembly- Amendment VII

The regular people are the only ones who can establish their CoS, and, their state Jural Assembly. And no one else. Join with other patriots & freedom lovers like you.


  • de jure governance- Constitutional lawful governance by people using the Law of the Land.
  • de facto governance- possession of authority by statues and codes governance, generally by force and/or obfuscation.

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